Post Production

Post-production is part of the process of filmmaking, video production, and photography. Post-production includes all stages of production occurring after shooting or recording individual program segments.

We will take you through the final process of picking the best killer tracks and high end graphics to complete your video.


Up Sky Down Films employs exceptionally talented editors who blend sounds and images together in a way that commands viewers’ attention. They work in Final Cut Studio and are masters at evoking emotion and inspiring our clients. Our diligent editors will deliver your video in a timely manner, without compromising quality.


A high-quality, effective voiceover is a powerful tool in video production. It is an intricate part of creating emotion and will influence how the viewer perceives your video. Up Sky Down Films will collaborate with you to carefully select an artist who will deliver a cohesive, smooth, and informative voiceover.


Music can dramatically change the way viewers feel about a video. Proper music selection music will enhance the cinematography, complement the script, and work in tandem with every element of the video. Up Sky Down Films will work with you to ensure a musical compilation that will match the visual style and feel of your video.

Motion graphics

Once a rough edit is completed, we will add motion graphics and/or animation to your video. Motion graphics combine colourful graphics in an educational but attractive way and will help you deliver a compelling message.

Color correct

Our digital Color Correction Artists will work to resolve any existing color issues, which will significantly improve the quality of the images and the look of the video. Color correction smoothes the color from shot to shot enhancing the flow of the video, providing a polished finished product.

Sound Mix

Our sound engineer will work diligently to create superior sound quality for your video. Throughout the production of your video, our sound technician will be on location recording, balancing, mixing, and enhancing the audio. Up Sky Down Films will deliver professional high quality audio so the viewer can focus on the message of the video.


Upon completion of your video, Up Sky Down Films will be there to assist with advertising and distribution. We work to assess your needs, develop an online presence, and implement a comprehensive distribution strategy.

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