Swallowed is a fictional story that spans the life of Mike Seaward, a fisherman in outport Newfoundland, Canada. This could possibly be the story of any fisherman living in a Newfoundland outport today. An unemployed fisherman, he reflects back to his younger days when he loved and respected the sea. We follow his life over the years with his memories of joy and pain to the present; a bitter man resentful of the ocean and the power that it has held over people for so long. What it has given and taken away. We follow Mike from his days as a young man in a community thriving on the ocean and it’s great resources, to the current day, where most of the community has left due to the decline in fishing stocks, in search of a better more stable life. Mike is struggling with the thought that there is no future for him, not only in the virtually deserted community, but anywhere else. He must make a decision either to follow the rest of the community and accept government offers of relocation and re-education, or to follow his own family and be at peace with himself.

Nickel Independent Film and Video Festival – Best Sound, Best Music, Best Art Direction, Best Newfoundland Short Film

Utah Indie Film and Video Festival – Honorary Award in Narrative

Reel Island Film Festival – Best Short Film and Best Screenplay

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