Sweet Cove: Feature Film

When tragedy strikes, Nigel O’Neill has to choose between following his dreams as a musician or taking care of his 10-year-old daughter Rosie. He chooses Rosie, but quickly finds himself struggling to make ends meet while battling his in-laws for custody. Set in the stunning Newfoundland outport of Sweet Cove, Nigel has to prove once and for all that Rosie belongs to him.

Finally, Nigel O’Neill and his band ‘The Brigade’ get their big break and land a record deal. While they are in Toronto recording, Nigel receives the shocking news that his wife has died in a car accident. His world is turned upside down. He is thrust into the position of single father to 10-year-old daughter Rosie and quickly learns that he can’t juggle both. He quits the band but soon finds himself struggling to make ends meet. His in-laws pressure him for custody for Rosie.

Nigel and Rosie are offered a chance to get away from it all in Sweet Cove, NL.

With the help of good friend Murph, Nigel and Rosie work together to restore and old farmhouse and their relationship. Encounters with different locals provide Nigel with romance and sporadic but shady employment and test Nigel’s aptitude as a father. In the end, an unlikely source opens one last window of opportunity for Nigel. He finally has a shot at making something of himself as both a musician, but more importantly a father.