Leander Baikie – A Trapper’s Wife

TRAPPERS WIFE – Leander Baikie My grandparents were nomadic travelers and trappers. Always heard songs about the trapper but few about the support their wives played on the home front. In memory of my Grandmother Flora Baikie and the many many trappers wives of pioneer Labrador.

Directed/Shot and Edited by Roger Maunder

Labrador born, Labrador based, Leander Baikie grew up in the thriving fur trade settlement of North West River (1743). Located at the headwaters of Lake Melville, 100 miles upstream from the Atlantic Ocean, North West River served the commerce of the Hudson’s Bay Company, the medical needs of the Grenfell Mission and the educational needs of the provincial school system. Today only the cultural history of this foundation lives on.

The American Forces stationed at Goose Air Base, some 45 kilometers away, brought in the 1940’s, a country music influence to the Labrador people. Back in the 60’s on the Base, 13 bars supported 13 local bands, seven nights a week. Locally inspired musicians would take up instruments and provide a service thru the gift of music.

Today, in Central Labrador, the Innu, Inuit, Metis and Settlers are still being inspired thru this cultural foundation music once laid for us. Labrador artists and continue to create and perform songs inspired by our homeland. Such a good life!