Maunder, Power shoot Fred Eaglesmith Music Video

Maunder, Power shoot Fred Eaglesmith Music Video

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Partners Colleen Power and Roger Maunder – a.k.a. her New Townie Man (“What was she doin’ with a townie?”) – have collaborated on a music video with Canadian alternative country singer Fred Eaglesmith.

The video is for Eaglesmith’s song “I Would” from his latest album “Cha Cha Cha.” It is set to premiere Thursday online on YouTube and at the home of Maunder’s Up Sky Down Films.

Power and Maunder have worked together in the past to create Power’s own music videos. The videos, such as “New Townie Man,” “Dead Bird in the Garbage” and “Sketchy Jerome,” have clocked more than 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Eaglesmith’s “I Would” has a more serious tone.

Power, whose own music has taken more serious turns, connected with Eaglesmith some time ago, Maunder said.

“They met years ago when she was living in Hamilton, back when she was just starting out in the music industry,” he said. “So the last time he was here to do a show she opened for him. We all went out to dinner and there was conversations about doing a music video. Then after the second night of him playing, he asked us out for breakfast the next morning.”

The breakfast talk turned to music videos and the ideas started brewing. And, how’s this for a timeline: before Eaglesmith had left town, they had completed the project.

From the point of deciding to shoot the video to actually beginning to tape, Maunder said he had about two hours to pull the concept together.

“It was ultra low budget. By the time we came up with what we were going to do, I had a camera and a tripod, we had to go with natural light and my two actors were Fred Eaglesmith and Colleen Power. And the location was his hotel room and around the hotel,” he said.

Maunder borrowed the camera from a friend and already had the tape, left from other film projects.

The Telegram was able to acquire a preview copy of the video for “I Would.” It has a man, played by Eaglesmith, waking up in a hotel room. The visuals actually connect to the real-life Eaglesmith in that sense, Maunder said. “If anybody knows Fred, he’s on the road, you know, more than 300 days a year.”

Yet the video opens on a female character.

“Colleen plays a character in it that at first glance you would think she’s a groupie or a call girl. A lot of people will have their own kind of thoughts on it,” Maunder said, adding that the artistic intention was to have Power be a personification of the music industry.

“No matter how much you’re on the road, she’s always there looking for something,” he said. Despite the demands of the woman, the man is still drawn to her.

The lyrics of “I Would” reflect a sense of self-sacrifice.

“If the bullets were flying and you didn’t feel like dyin’, I would,” Eaglesmith sings. The video for the song, runs about 3 1/2 minutes.

As for distribution, Maunder is now into the first steps. He has submitted the video to Bravo, MuchMusic and CMT for review. He is prepping the online launch.

“Fred’s pretty well known in the (United) States and Canada, so that opened up a few doors anyway – just mentioning I had a video for Fred Eaglesmith,” Maunder said.

He also does not take the online aspect lightly. “I’ve had a lot of luck with YouTube so far,” Maunder said, referring to his previous work with Power.

The filmmaker said more of the fun videos with the Wish Crosby and Flo Murphy (“Dead Bird in the Garbage”) characters are already in the works. He said there has also been talk of doing more videos for Eaglesmith.

Meanwhile, Eaglesmith’s album “Cha Cha Cha” is being made available through Lonesome Day Records.

Eaglesmith is scheduled to perform on a boat tour around Atlantic Canada in September.

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